KEM ONE – Saint-Fons (FR)


Project : R&D and pilot PVC activities transfer 


. Integration of R&D and pilot PVC activities in an exisiting 900 m² facility

. Chemical environment : ATEX situation because of CVM presence, asbestos issue for the existing facility, plant in operation, interface with existing installations

. Main subjects : Process, piping/utilities, air treatment, automatism, electricity, dismantling, move, asbestos removal plan, construction, laboratory furniture, sub-trade work


Assignments : Studies from feasability to achievement


Achieved studies : Feasability and preliminary studies

. Expression workshops with the project team to know more about the requirements,

. Flows, implantation, constructibility and interfaces studies,

. 3D-model (installations on Revit),

. Estimation and optimization of the project


All trades PRO/Consultation files/Assistance for work construction orders

. Technical packs and work construction orders management

. Assistance to visas, construction supervision and reception operations


INGENICA thanks KEM ONE for its trust.